Question AMD Radeon Drivers being Strange

Sep 6, 2018
Hello. I have an Rx 570 and I downloaded the drivers for it off of AMD's website. I opened the Wattman settings but didn't mess with them. However, sometimes when I boot up my PC, I get the notification "General Wattman settings have been restored after a system failure." Nothing is affected though, so is this an issue I should look into or is it fine? Thank you.
What are your other PC specs ? List the make/model number of your PSU as well. Which OS are you using, Windows 10 ? Try to rollback the GPU drivers. That issue mostly happens when there is some abrupt change in the system/OS, either due to improper system shutdown, boot issues, corrupt REGISTRY entries, missing essential OS files etc.

Does this happen each time you boot your OS ? What about Gaming ? Can you play games on this GPU, without getting that error ? Also, try doing a CLEAN re-install of the GPU drivers, by using this DDU tool. For best results, do it in SAFE MODE.
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