Amd radeon hd 6670 on a 350 watt psu

i'm wanting to upgrade my parents their computer but i have a problem. i want to replace the hd 6450 with an hd 6670 but i don't now if it will work with the 350 watt psu. i have read some forums that sias it works an others that it wouldn't work.
here are th specs of the computer
amd athlon 2 x4 640 3ghz
hd 6450
4 gb ddr 1333 ram (no idea from with brand)
fsp 350 watt psu
1 1tb hdd
1 dvd rw drive
a low end motherboard
that it i think
thanks for the help
Why do you want a graphics upgrade for your parent's pc?
If they are gamers, then I understand.

To answer your question, If the particular 6670 does not need a separate 6 pin pci-e power connector, you should be OK.
FSP is a good budget brand PSU.
If you were to use a newer 28nm based card, the power requirements would be less.
A 7750 or a GT640 should run fine.

I might suggest that a more useful upgrade would be a SSD. It will make everything feel so much quicker. Use the 1tb hard drive for bulk storage like video's.
i will buy the hd 7750 and the upgrade is for me because my pc is really old and doesn't play games very well and at the moment i don't have the money for a new pc. for the ssd no because the motherboard is only sata 2 and sata 1 for some reason.
tanks for the help
7750 looks good.

Do not worry about sata 1/2/3 for a SSD.
They are all compatible, it is just that maximum sequential speeds can not be reached without sata 3.
But, even on sata1/2, a SSD is 50x faster than any hard drive in random i/o, and that is what the os does mostly.
Even then it is 2x faster in sequential.
A SSD is one of the most effective performance upgrades you can make.
One caveat... Do not fill it up to capacity. A SSD will slow down as it nears full.

i'm not going to buy an ssd cause it is my parents their pc and i'm saving money for my new computer. this is just so i can game with medium settings at least in crysis and battlefield and so