Question AMD Radeon r9 380 2gb wont let system boot

Jun 21, 2019
Like 2 days ago i updated my car drivers to the latest update ( 19.6.2 ) , yesterday i played csgo for like an hour and then while i was playing , the game crashed and the screen turned black i tried to restart the computer manually because it has completely crashed.
Since then when i tried to start the computer i have issues, bios screen start normaly no strange beep codes for errors but after bios load, the screen goes black and after like 10 seconds it is like "blacks out" the screen is like the pc is off but the pc works all fans work , card fans spin normally i can use the pc only in safe mode. I removed amd drivers using ddu then the pc booted normally but with cpu graphics while the screen was connected to the card ( i dont even know how is that possible ) i tried to reinstall gpu graphics then again the sam problem ( black screen ) i also tried to reinstall windows , see all cable connections, check the ram. The card died maybe? Should it be a problem from bios settings but the computer is not so new and it happend so suddenly i would likw some help please thanks!

GPU : Radeon r9 380 2gb
CPU : Intel core i3 6100
PSU : Corsair VS 550
MB : Gigabyte H110M-S2PV
RAM : 1x8GB