Question AMD Radeon R9 390 8GB crashes when signing into Windows ?

Mar 27, 2022
So my R9 390 8gb Gigabyte gpu crashed on me randomly as i tried to load into a game and when it did it shut down my whole pc. Once I restarted it it was failing to Post and then it would work and say Windows failed to load.

I swapped out the gpu for an old 1gb card and it was working fine. I reinstalled Windows and all drivers but to no avail with the r9 390.
I'm stumped on what to do to fix this as I need my gpu to work in order for me to use my pslc as it doesn't have a integrated gpu. Anyone know what I can do to fix this?
P.S. I did take it to a computer repair shop and they did a reflow and it still didn't do anything. It also will enter bios no sweat and is being detected but once i try to log into Windows after post it justs shuts down again.

PC Specs:
Mobo: Asus Prime X-570 Pro
Cpu: Ryzen 5900
Ram: G.skill Neo Trident 64gb
Psu: Corsair 850x
Case: Cooler Master Cosmos C-700 p
HDD: Baracuda 2tb


I owned an Asus ROG Strix R9 390 card and had limited success using it. It was a card that likes to overheat and wouldn't clock up well. It was made well. You could take it apart and see the engineering. But as far as getting past 1150mhz, it hated to be overclocked. It crashed a lot. It died after 2 years. permanent black screen.
Did you completely remove all the AMD graphic card drivers? Old AMD drivers need tool called AMD Clean Up Utility. you can find it here.

No fragments of previous gpu (video cards) generations must remain before installing a new gpu driver.

Do you have PSU tester? Did the shop do a through diagnostic of you machine? He he reseat everything (unplugging and re-plugging all your connections)?
Hope this helps.
Mar 27, 2022
So yeah they tested all my components and narrowed it down to being my gpu but I'm not able to delete the drivers as when I try to get beyond the login screen it crashes and restarts the pc. If I'm able to get into my pc I'll give the AMD cleaning utility a try.
As for the clocking, mine would be great at pushing 1150mhz and I've had it for nearly 4 years without faults.