Question AMD Radeon RX 5700 installation

Jul 31, 2019
I just bought this GPU and I took my old one out and put in the new one. I try to clean out my old drives and accidently uninstall AMD Graphics Hardware. so now whenever I try to install my new drivers I get error 175 or 173 and it says "AMD installer cannot continue due to unsupported AMD graphics hardware." And 173 is "Error 173 when running the AMD Installer on a system which does not contain AMD graphics hardware." I need help, thank you!


Oct 10, 2016
When you are a noob like me you have two noob alternatives.

  1. try installing drivers from the accompanying disk. They will be outdated but they are better than what you have now.
  2. Let windows do it. Windows-X/device manager/display adapter, click on arrow, right click on gpu card, select update drivers
If those are not possible, and Metal Messiah's links don't help, you may be looking at a reinstallation of the OS so you can get drivers from scratch.

I will also note that if you have been following instructions here at Tom's then you have been logging into safe mode to do all this. That's all well and good, but the last time I had this adventure, which was about a week ago, I kept getting notices that I didn't have the authority or some such to install the drivers. It was very weird and the protocol to get past that was extraordinarily complex.

I logged out of safe mode and installed the drivers in regular mode with no problem. So you might consider using regular mode if you've hit a brick wall in safe mode.

I note that DDU uninstaller has a (presumably something you have to buy) software that not only uninstalls but installs drivers automatically. Given the amount of aggro this stuff can cause that might be worth paying for; I need to look into it.

Greg N