News AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT, RX 7700 XT Performance Data Leaked


Mar 31, 2014
Probably safe to overlook the margin in Cyberpunk RT Overdrive, seeing as the Nvidia GPUs weren't exactly providing frame rates you might call playable.

Not that it matters much to me. Pretty much everything GPU-wise from the last few years has been awful, from my perspective at least.
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If those leaked numbers are to be believed, even with RT enabled (leaving CrappyPunk RT Overdrive out) the margins are still super favourable to AMD.

I'd love it if this card was solidly under $500, but I won't deny it'll put some very needed pressure on the 4070. I wonder if nVidia will even care... Probably they won't XD

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They calling the RX 7800 XT the ultimate 1440p card... I beg to differ.

Guess it might depend on monitor refresh rate but if I had a 144hz monitor, I wouldn't want to play at these speeds


Shame no similar chart for a 7900 XT but its better suited to 1440p than a 7800 xt is... its what I use mine for. Though once again depends on monitor refresh rate.

COD always makes AMD cards look good, rest are more likely to be accurate averages.

Card meant to be out in Australia already but I suspect they release them at midnight like the 7900 xt did. I sat here all day waiting for them to release 9 months ago.
Aug 16, 2023
4060 Ti 16gb price dropped already. AMD isn't aggressive enough with pricing again. For the same price (as 7700xt) you get 4gb more VRAM and DLSS / Nvidia feature set. Better RT performance. Similar raster. AMD flopped this generation bad, what a fumble. I guess they're okay with low market share in the PC space?

7800xt looks decent for the price, maybe Hyper RX and FSR3 can surprise me.
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Aug 16, 2023
I don't care about rtx. So I might get the 5800x3d with a 7800xt. Is that a stupid pairing? Should I go with a 7x00 series cpu?
Personally would not reccomend a new build with 5800x3d. It's decent value but DDR5 builds aren't much more expensive now and gives you a route to upgrade, along with better general performance. If you need the 3d-vcache for certain games or you are upgrading with an older AM4 board go for it.
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