Question amd radeon software cpu bug

Stefano G.

May 31, 2022
i just replaced my motherboard and cpu, i have some software bug
on the 22.6.1 version of the amd radeon software the cpu usage shown in the app is allways 0% and no other statistic about the cpu(amd ryzen 5600x) are shown.
on the ryzen master app the cpu clock speed value is different from the clock speed value shown in the task manager, like the ryzen app says 2.500Mhz and task manager says 3.800Mhz.
if i go to the pc specs in the windows setting it says that i have asus prime z270-a, which is my previous motherboard it should show asus b450-plus.
with my previus processor(an old pentium) i could use only 2133Mhz of ram speed but now my cpu can use all 3000Mhz avaible so why is task manager saying that i'm using only 2133Mhz?
motherboard: b450-plus
cpu: amd ryzen 5 5600x
gpu: amd sapphire 280x
ram: 2x8Gb corsair vengeance 3000Mhz


Always a good idea to perform a clean install of Windows whenever you swap out the motherboard. Generally one of three things will happen if you do not:

  1. Your system simply will not boot.
  2. Your system will boot without issue.
  3. Your system will boot, but there will be some underlying issues.

You appear to be experiencing #3.
Back up your data, format and reinstall Windows.

-Wolf sends