Question AMD Radeon Software decreases FPS ?

Mar 28, 2021

I have an AMD Radeon R9 200 series Graphics card.

for a while I’ve used AMD Radeon Software. I always kept it on default settings because when I changed the settings to e-sports or any other, the fps performance would get worse. But I didn’t really complain because I got around 215 FPS on CS:GO when I had it on the default settings. I used the software for recording, clipping and watching the temperature. But recently the FPS in CS:GO went down drastically.

I went into the AMD Radeon Software and saw that there was an update ready. So I installed the update. But the low FPS stayed. After a while of unsuccessfully trying to fix the problem I reinstalled windows and deleted everything on my HDD. It worked and I got my original 215 FPS back. But when I installed AMD Radeon Software, the low fps came back. So I uninstalled the software and the high FPS came back. But my problem is that I found the software really useful for recording, clipping and checking the temperature of my GPU. Does anyone know why my FPS gets so low when I install AMD Radeon Software? And do you have a fix so I can download the software without it lowering my average FPS?