Question AMD Radeon Software

Feb 1, 2020

I have been playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare quite a lot lately and would occasionally have it crash from an error, but would be able to start the game back up. A few days ago, it did the same thing, but would keep crashing when I went back in (if anyone is wondering it is dev error 6068, but that is not what I am concerned about right now).

I ended up looking up possible causes and fixes and didnt really find anything helpful. I ended up making sure Windows 10 was fully updated and my video card (Sapphire Pulse Vega 56) drivers were updated. I ended updating the Radeon Software Adrenilin to its most recent version and updated the drivers as well, but it did not fix the issue.

I logged on again today and was able to play several matches and then it finally did it again and would not let me back in. At this point, I believe I restarted my PC and tried to see if that would do anything and when my PC booted back up, my second monitor was not coming on and I could not detect it. I could power it on and off, tried reconnecting it, unplugged my main monitor and plugged my second one in and it booted up fine, it just would not let me have 2 monitors.

I clicked on the Radeon Software for some reason and it gave me the message:

"No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware."

I was pretty confused by this, but I went to the Radeon Software website and downloaded the installer again and began to install. It asked me to restart to complete the install and still no second monitor, and when I tried to open the Radeon Software, it gave me the same exact message again.

I downloaded the AMD Clean Up Utility, to remove previous drivers and tried installing the Radeon Software again, but again, was met with the same message once I restarted to complete the install.

I noticed there was a Factory Reset check box on the installer when selecting which version of the Radeon Software, so I tried that, and then installed the Radeon Software, but was again met with the same messages.

At some point after all of that, I believe I had restarted the PC either on my own or attempting to complete an install of the Radeon Software, and the second monitor was detected, and the Radeon Software was installed and working, but, after another restart, it went back to giving the message about not detecting the AMD drivers and not displaying the second monitor.

This was all over the course of 3+ hours and I do not really know what I am supposed to do from here.

Any help or suggestions would be super appreciated.


With all things said(and done), you forgot to mention the specs to your system. Include them like so:

If you should remove your display drivers, use DDU to do so. It is very thorough in removing drivers. On a secondary note, make sure you're on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard. You might also want to check and see which version of Windows 10 you're currently on. Temps showing anything alarming? Also, have you tried working with other game titles to rule out a faulty game installation?
Feb 1, 2020
My apologies,

Ryzen 2600X
Corsair H100i PRO
Asus Prime X470 Pro
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32 GB (4x8)
Sabrent Rocket 1 TB M.2
Sapphire Radeon RX VEGA 56
EVGA SuperNOVA G3 750
Windows 10

I'll attempt DDU, checking my mobo drivers, and windows 10 updates.

After Modern Warfare wouldnt let me back in, I played 2 matches of League of Legends with no issues, but I'll try some others.