Question AMD+Radeon System Instability

Oct 29, 2020
Summary of Issue

I can't remember when it started happening, but I started experiencing a crash where when a game starts, my computer screen goes black, my computer fans and leds spinning, audio still coming through from discord, and then after a couple seconds everything freezes and the computer is stuck on a black screen with fans spinning, and leds stuck in place. And the only way out is to hold power button to shut down. It was really frustrating because this ONLY happened when I would load into a game of League of Legends, other games seemed to work perfectly fine. However, I've had it happen with some other games as well. I spent forever trying to recreate the crash consistently and I've found a way. Basically, I run a Prime95 torture test and then simultaneously run a FurMark stress test. Basically something is going wrong with the Radeon drivers when I am also using a lot of my RAM. At the moment I've tried all auto, DOCP at 3600 and 16-19-19-39.
Wondering if you guys have any thought on this?

I will run a mem-test as soon as I can find a free flashdrive lol.
Although my current suspicion is on my PSU. No idea how to monitor this though.

Meanwhile would appreciate any stories of similar experience/solutions/any other troubleshooting I should try.

System Configuration

  • Motherboard: ASUS x570 Prime-PRO
  • CPU: AMD 3900x
  • PSU: BeQuiet Straight Power 11 850, 80+ Gold. System Configuration
  • Display(s) (Make, Model and Type):
- LG 27GL850 DP (1440p 144Hz FreeSync)
- Acer XFA240 DP (1080p 144Hz FreeSync)
- System Memory: 16GB Dual Channel 3600Mhz Gskill Trident F4-3600C16D-16GTZNC
  • GPU Sapphite Nitro RX 5700XT (latest vbios)
  • OS :* Windows 10 x64
  • Driver: Latest Radeon Drivers
  • Applications: League of Legends, FurMark
  • Background Apps: Discord, Spotify, Firefox, HWMonitor, iCue, Aura lighting, Steam, GoG Galaxy, Epic Games, GHUB, qBittorrent, Soundswitch, FocusRite, Ds4Windows, Xbox App, Unified Remote, ISLC (I can recreate the crash even after closing any of these applications)
  • Radeon Software Settings: Factory default settings

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start Prime95 torture test (mixed)
  2. Start FurMark stress test (any resolution really)


A while ago I got my Sapphire 5700xt RMA'd (they confirmed the previous unit was bad since I was having entirely different kind of crashes with that one). Since I got my new card, I've installed a couple additions to my build, namely 3 more corsair fans, the NZXT internal usb hub, and a Corsair Commander Pro.