Question AMD Radeon VII - No display, fans spin and the chip gets warm

Feb 25, 2020

I have an XFX AMD Radeon VII and when i power on the pc the screen stays black and there is no boot beep. The fans are spinning and the LEDs turn on, also when the card is not connected to the PSU, pc will start.
I managed to get into windows with my 1050ti in the first and the Radeon VII in the second slot. Device manager did recongise the card but i says error code43. In GPU-Z the card is shown but there is no information about memory other then it is HBM2.
With that said i tried to flash the vBios and it was successful but still no image from the card.
After that i opened the card in my uncles electronics store, and found that the GPU chip is getting hot, and that all of the inductors on the card had voltage. Then i tried to heat the chip with a heat gun set on 200C but it didnt help.
All of the pictures regarding system info and measured voltages are in the link bellow:!AvdXNUpC46EkiRwY_HTpXBppAhWs

Hope that you will be able to help me understand what could be causing the issue or it is broken beyond repair.
Also i dont have the ability to RMA the card, hence i am trying to fix it myself.