News AMD Ramps Up CPU Production For PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

TSMC Ramps up production - AMD doesn't manufacture anything. AMD orders more APUs from TSMC for new Sony and Microsoft consoles would be a more appropriate, and more importantly, correct head line.
TSMC wouldn't exactly be ramping up production for this. They have undoubtedly been producing 7nm chips at full capacity already, and they won't likely be manufacturing any more 7nm wafers, just more of those wafers will be going toward console chips. In any case, it's up to AMD to decide when their designs go into production. They already ordered a certain amount of 7nm production from TSMC, so if the wafers were not going toward console processors, they would likely be going toward production of their other CPUs and GPUs.

Saying that AMD isn't producing these chips is a bit like saying Microsoft isn't producing the Xbox, or that Sony isn't producing the Playstation, simply because the actual manufacturing is being done in factories owned by other companies.
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