News AMD RDNA 2 Refreshed GPUs Emerged Overseas At Absurd Prices


Dec 7, 2020
may as well order a Alienware or dell pc that has a awesome videocard preinstalled already good luck on people buying cards at that price. GET PREINSTALLED


Feb 21, 2012
Is RDNA3 still expected to release later this year? Has 6x50 always been on the road map or are these a reaction to market conditions?


May 29, 2016
In another year or two you will have to choose between buying a new car or a complete computer. Asus released two fully decked out boards and are asking for over $1,000 (USD) for them. If these companies are trying to kill off individual users owning their products and of course both gaming and application software, they are really doing a great job.

Right now I wouldn't pay anything hardware based nor would I even try to think about any sort of total upgrade - cpu, mobo, memory, gpu. I simply will not pay so much for a product that will become dated and obsolete so fast in just a year. However even 2 years after release so many parts are still demanding a high retail price. All these companies need to start thinking about gamers and individuals rather than mining as one day they could find themselves ignored by users who will seek out alternatives to the inflated and grossly high profit margins by going with mostly entry level computers and would or will have to shy away from big name games and applications as the budget computer won't be able to support or provide the performance those apps and games will demand.

The industry can't blame it on the consoles either, like in the past. Yes the supply chain is in shambles, covid still keeping factories from coming back on line at 100% capacity, new designs of hardware and sadly a great deal of inflation in many countries due to the price of gas, but if they want to see sales in the industry to flatten out as demand based on their prices will simply not draw the customers they need to have great looking financial statements.

So Sapphire needs to maybe remove a digit from their price as I can't see anyone, no matter how much of a gamer, or video editor or whatever, putting out $3,000+ just for a graphics card.
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If these companies are trying to kill off individual users owning their products and of course both gaming and application software, they are really doing a great job.
Practically all of the major tech companies are publicly traded, which means they are all governed by the same primary principle: deliver the highest value possible to shareholders as they are more or less required by law. Arbitrarily forfeiting profits to appease unhappy customers isn't reason enough to drop prices, companies can get sued for it.

Because of that, they are all trying to maintain the highest prices they can until the market clearly tells them it cannot sustain those prices anymore, mainly by letting excess inventory pile up to the point of manufacturers having to make tough choices between lowering manufacturing volume and cutting prices to keep inventory moving. This is how basic supply and demand normally works and we are slowly getting back there with some SKUs dipping below MSRPs. Retailers and manufacturers are starting to feel the demand crunch at least as far as the hyper-inflated prices are concerned.
Every single time...this again is a retailer taking advantage of having a product before its official release and asking a huge premium for it, Wait for official release, look at the prices, and start bitching then.