News AMD Renoir APU Pops Up With 8 CUs Clocked up to 1.75 GHz


Dec 26, 2012
Maybe Vega can run with lesses memory bandwide? And Navi needs at least ddr5 to give enough memory speed?
Navi has been shown to perform better than Vega with less bandwidth and less power. My guess is that Navi has undergone some last minute changes while AMD was transitioning from GF's 7nm to TSMC's and that it was not possible to implement that new architecture in time for Renoir. The "Vega" GPU inside Renoir is likely a more refined version of the architecture found in Radeon VII, which was in fact different from 14nm Vega in other areas than the manufacturing node.

To add to the speculation, AMD still has the "25x20" goal, which meant that AMD would make its mobile APUs 25x more efficient than Kaveri by 2020. With the way Renoir looks right now, they will likely not make that target. That makes me wonder about a possible second APU release near the end of 2020, with Navi and possibly Zen 3. That would also make AMD's launch schedule more similar to Intel's, in which mobile CPUs are released before their desktop counterparts. Being one node or architecture behind has a clearer impact on mobile than it does on desktop, because efficiency is more important.
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That depends on how amd will handle next gen apus. Do They make chiplet apus, or monolith apus. Is chiplet, They will use same cpus as with Ryzens. If monolith, it is quite possible that They will remain 4 cpu core with integrated gpu core design. Most Office computers don`t need more than 2 to 4 cores and if someone needs more They will use Ryzen with diskrete gpu. Maybe even GPUs that has been put directly on motherboard...
But if They go for chiplet design, it may be more economical to use same cpu chiplet as with Ryzens than create new 4 core part. Just use very much cut down versions in 2 and 4 core apus...
But there has not been congrete info about it yet.