AMD Rev-E CPUs: Dual-core capable (info), SSE3


Feb 10, 2003
VR-Zone <A HREF="" target="_new">reports</A> that the 90nm athlons are all revision D based.

After revision D, there'll be (duh) rev. E processors. These will be:

-<b>Dual-core capable.</b> "The Dual core has up to 1MB L2 cache per CPU, up to 3 HT link operating at 1Ghz max and a shared northbridge registers with one APIC per core."
-<b>Support SSE3.</b> AMD will introduce prescott's new instruction set - 11 out of 13 instructions. The remaining two relate to hyperthreading and have no AMD analog.
-<b>Support DDR400.</b> AMD is still sticking to DDR400, it seems, for probably even late 2005. The controller will be improved, however.

This core revision is, of course, due only in 2005. Revision D isn't even out yet, and Rev E will probably only come a considerable time after that. Actually, there's no dramatically new info here, except bits about dual core.

Also, AMD still shows absolutely no interest in going DDR2. If they exclude DDR2 even from Rev-E, it seems they won't be going DDR2 in the next 12 or more months. Which may or may not cause any concern later: DDR2-667 will probably make a better point for DDR2 still in 2005, and DDR2-800, the next step, should completely negate DDR2's bad points. (DDR2-800 runs at the same core clock as DDR400... finally)

AMD is looking very, very strong in raw architectural terms, and if their roadmaps are indeed being executed like they claim they are, then... oh well, poor Intel, lucky customers. Long live A64 technology.


May 19, 2001
IT a very small improvement in the core.I guess most of the resource work on K9.K8 excution core is getting old and vector instrcution performance need to improve by a large % cache policy\fecthing is old and obsolete.

i need to change useur name.


Mar 25, 2004
LOL, yeah.
People like petey are so loyal to a company that they will still buy intel at xxx$ when at the same xxx$ you could get an amd chip that is 10-15% faster.
Being loyal to a company will only hurt yourself.

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