Question AMD RX 550 crashes and is not recognized ?


Jul 8, 2014
Hey guys, since last week I started facing an issue with my computer relating to the VGA GPU.

Core i3 - 2100 (in 2022 ? really ? yep)
H61 mobo
single channel 8gb RAM
2 x HDDs
PSU Xigmatek II x450 - 400W about 2y old now

i currently have the latest updated driver 21.5.2 for the GPU.

Here is the symptom: Normally, i boot up my PC and I can play games for hours continuously without error, but 1 day i needed to run some errand and left my pc on (at main desktop, not the game or any apps opened) when I came back, the monitor is off, i couldn't wake it up by mouse/keyboard and realized the PC suspended (no LED response on CapsLock or Numb Lock).

i did the hard reset, then the system boot up normally but no output to the monitor, but it did output from the iGPU.
I dont think my GPU is dead, so i boot into safe mode, use DDU to remove the driver, reseat GPU, reinstall driver and yes, it works perfectly again.
But yesterday this problem happened again, and exactly the same.
Pls help me how to solve this issue? I dont want to re-install driver every few days.
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