Question AMD RX 580's Reverting to Old Drivers Automatically.

Jul 7, 2019
So, I've Been having this Issue for about maybe 1-2 months (maybe longer without realising) Where i use DDU on my PC ( Windows 10 ) and then i Install Fresh Latest Drivers (the 2020 Edition) and then at some point at random( usually when i'm away from my PC or not touching my pc for a long period of time) my screen will flash to black like it does when you're installing new drivers and if i right click my desktop it will say that i don't have Drivers installed or something before shortly after alittle while later showing me the old 2019 drivers.

Things i have tried so far: Changing "Device installation Settings" to manual, AMD Clean up Utility, DDU, Radeon/GPU Factory reset (that option that's given on Radeon when going to Install the Drivers).

But regardless my GPU Drivers Always Revert back. I've noticed that every where that i look i can't find any Fix for this issue online (that i can find atleast) So. I'd really appreciate some help from Anyone Willing to aid me in my frustrations haha :sweatsmile:

Just for reference although i know how to use DDU and such i'm still pretty new to doing much with my Gaming PC although i've had it for 2 years but i've tried to on my own without bothering anyone else so i apologise if i've left any important information out in this first post. but i am Using Crossfire with two 4gb RX 580s. i7-7700k and 16gb of RAM on a Windows 10 OS. i got a prebuilt PC so i know little to nothing about the motherboard or the PSU. But it's a "HP OMEN X" Model (i believe atleast)
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