News AMD RX 6900XT Graphics Card Prices Going Down - Real Deals

Paying $999 for a 2 year old card that will be replaced by cards that are over twice as fast in the fall is stupid. Paying $1500 for one is brain dead. If you are going to pay that much get a 3080ti. It's faster in 4K where it matters, as well as RT.

Wait for the ETH fork to POS along with the difficulty bomb.


Dec 31, 2007
Since September or October of 2021 Newegg has had the ASRock OC Formula Radeon RX 6900XT got $1599.999 as its regular price. Then once or twice a month, Newegg raises the price $100-$300 and put the card "on sale" at a "discounted price" that is the same as the regular price. Yet people still report it as a sale???