Info AMD Ryzen 3700x beats Intel Core I9 9900k in Cinebench R15

On july 7th, just before other launch reviews of the AMD Ryzen 3000 series, Canadian Youtuber Timmy joe released a launch review with the 3700x.

Timmy Joe benchmarked the Ryzen 7 3700x both at stock and overclocked on chilled water. The testing configuration was using 3066mhz ram and an X470 taichi motherboard paired with a radeon Vii.

The meat and potatoes of this review was when Timmy Joe was able to get the $329 Ryzen 7 3700x to 4.4ghz on all 8 cores and score a 2310cb in cinebench r15 while using chilled water (ice water).

Meanwhile while using chilled water (snow), Timmy Joe was able to overclock the $499 Intel Core i9 9900k to 5.3ghz on all 8 cores and score a 2303cb in cinebench R15.

Timmy Joe demonstrated that overclocking only yielded a small performance bump over stock or pbo with power limits maxed out.
Timmy could only manage 4.25ghz on the 3700x while running Cinebench R20, but managed 4.4ghz in R15. I suspect this has something to due with R20s use of AVX instructions.

Gaming benchmarks of the 3700x @4.25ghz with radeon vii and 3066mhz ram were also shown compared to an I7 7820x at 4.8ghz paired with the same gpu and faster 3600mhz ram.
The faster ram for intel may have hindered ryzens performance slightly.

This video has since been retracted, likely due to the embargo still being up. As of time of writing, no other launch reviews have surfaced.

Unfortunately, while i only could snag the video at 360p. Because of this, i only could upload 360p screenshots.

3700x @4.4=2310cb
9900k @5.3=2303cb
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Looking at assorted reviews, I am seeing 'respectable' performance, with the 3600/3700X often rivaling an 8700K in gaming (but still trailing in ~3 out of 5 games), but, generally still falling behind the 9700K and 9900K in most games...and not by just 1%. But by up to 10%....(The BF5 frame rate numbers did not match AMD's claims from a few weeks back...)

And OC headroom for 3600? 125 whole MHz....

As a few suspected, these appear to have been well binned, having little headroom left...(at least based on the first 5 reviews I've scanned)

A nice jump upward in performance, yes...and great value, if one can come close to matching the 8700K for only $200, that's a win!

Waiting for the 9700K to fall from $365 to $299 within a week...and the 8700K from $349 to $289!
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Im mostly impressed by the 3700x and 3900x, as they cream intel for nearly all workstation tasks.
The 3900x beats the 9900k by over 40% in blender while the 3900x has 8% lower system power draw. Impressive.

Gamings still behind intel in nearly all cases, but incredable compared to 2nd gen. The 3600 is very competitive with intels chips for $200.

Overall, pretty massive improvement over 2nd gen, but still only on par with intel if gaming and workstation performance concidered.

Overclocking kinda sucks, but thats nice for people that want maximum performance without messing with settings.