AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Core Voltage capped/stuck at 1.375V!!!! Any ideas how to uncap?


Jan 5, 2018
Hello! First time posting here, trying to find my luck!

So, in the summer, I had to downclock my R5 1600X, because it was getting too warm, or I don't know, and my PC froze at some points.

After the summer, I wanted to clock back, BUT then I noticed that my CPU was running @4 GhZ (TPU II mode is ASUS's default OC setting) but with 1.525V. Now I had another thread on this on the forum, if it's safe or not, because I read that even 1.425V is overkill sometimes. Because I had OK temps, people said it's perfectly OK. It was, If we ignore the fact that later I discovered that my CPU really only used 1.375V out of that 1.525V. (I has OK temps because of that)

Now, I asked ASUS's support 3-5 months ago on the matter, and they said it might get fixed by a BIOS update. SPOILERS it wasn't. (Im starting to get annoyed here)

So now, here's what I don't understand: IF I use Ryzen Master and tune in the @4 GhZ, and also, tune in the 1.3975V or a little higher maybe 1.40325V or something, then it's working. CPU uses 1.3975V on all cores (Note that it was capped on 1.375V before no matter how much extra juice was there)

Now what happens after applying all the settings, the PC re-boots, and it's all good. UNTIL I start the PC again, then it's stuck on 1.375V AGAIN. and the PC is ofcourse unstable, because I don't have the voltage necessarry to work.

I don't understand what might cap the Core Voltages?? VDCCR (AMD's Core voltage) is on 1.3975V but the PC only uses 1.375V out of it no matter what.

Also, if Im running on @3.6 GhZ (Stock speed) and have Core Performance Boost on (Automatically OC's the CPU when it senses workload) IT IS UNCAPPED and core speeds and core voltages can go as high as they want to!

The only that is overclocked is my ram to have less CL time (14 16 16 34 instead of 15 17 17 36 ) and to be on 3000MhZ (Rated speed), and I have only turned off the automatic Core performance boost and some power saving stuff, since Im not running on @3.6 GhZ. (Currently found the stavle @3.925 GhZ

I have also uninstalled AI Suite III (ASUS's software to handle OC from the Windows). I don't know what's going on.. The PSU is brand new, and it was the same with the older one.

I would appriciate any help!

Here's my Spec:
CPU: Ryzen 1600X Running at 4 GhZ (All air cooled)
RAM: HyperX Predator 2x 8GB 3000MhZ DDR4 (16GB)
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2070 Windforce Edition
HDD: 1TB WD Blue 7200rpm , Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200rpm