Question AMD Ryzen 5 1600x Huge idle temps ~63c with AMD Wraith Max Cooler ( the latest one)


Aug 24, 2018
Hi, my friend bought a combo which contains an Amd Ryzen 5 1600x and the cooler which i mentioned in the title.
We struggled to install the cooler for like half an hour, but we finally did it.
When we installed the cooler, one side of the cooler was on the processor, but the other side (which has the retension arm) was a little raised ( was like 1cm in the air and we also rotated it a little bit.
Maybe thats why the temps are so high, and i also spreaded the thermal paste with a little plastic thing.
I think i didnt put enough thermal paste on the cpu, or maybe air got in the thermal paste because we raised one side of the cooler like 3 times and then put it back on?
The termal paste is Be Quiet DC 1, also the case has 2 intake fans and 1 exhaust fan and the cpu fan is running at 2350rpm, which is not good.
PLEASE HELP, thanks, and also any tips to remove the cooler easier so the cpu won t stick to the cooler???

FORGOT TO MENTION: before i put any paste, i cleaned the old arctic mx 4 with isoprophil alcohol BUT i couldn t get it all off!
There was some dry paste on the cpu that was like faded into the cpu dye, so you could see it, it just couldn t get it off
Anyway, i ve put the dc 1 over the faded mx 4 ( the mx4 layer was super thin [you could see the writings on the cpu]).
Maybe something happened therw as well, or am i just paranoid, btw, both thermal pastes are both non electrically conductive.
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Mar 4, 2019
The TC- Check the CPU again. After making sure the spread of the compound is ok, dont be scared, wiggle that coooler a bit, if it sits thight. As for that cooler, its the biggest trash i ever saw. I got it but the thing is, he cant cool properly, even if i dont get such spikes as you, buying a water cooling is the idea. For a 120 water cooler, it should be enough, check some Corsair/Cooler Master 120/240 if the case can handle it. The air AMD cooler costs somewhere near 50-60€ in my country, so this one should be good.