Question AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Upgrade Issues...

Feb 13, 2020
Hello All,

I am updating a currently working system with a Ryzen 5 CPU. This system is for home lab purposes running multiple VM's.
The current architecture is:

Motherboard: MSI B450 Gaming Plus
CPU: AMD Athlon 200E
Memory: G Skill Aegis DDR4 3000 (4 x 8 GB)
Power Supply: Corsair TX550M 550 watt power supply
Various HDD - SATA 320 GB
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.04 Bionic Beaver

This current setup works well, however I'm looking for a little more processing power for VM's. This is why I'm looking to use the Ryzen 5...

I am having issues when I swap out the processor; installing the Ryzen 5.
Partnered up with MSI Radeon R7-240 GPU. Downloaded and installed AMDGPU v19.50 from AMD's website . Installed with OpenCL, pal and legacy support.

Well, the system doesn't boot.
I can access the BIOS and the it sees the CPU information and diagnostics.
Grub will load and give me options, but when loading up to graphics initialization (?) the system will freeze, or the display will go dark.

I can use the Radeon R7 GPU with the Athlon processor installed, it works just fine.

I'm uncertain what the issue is.
All hardware specs seem to be compatible.
GPU driver? Works with the Athlon not the Ryzen.
Potentially MOBO BIOS version issue? I have the latest version loaded 7B86v1D (11/11/19)

Any insight is greatly appreciated!