Question AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core VS AMD ryzen 9 5900x 12-Core

Dec 20, 2021
Hi, quick question. Is an Ryzen 9 5900x Better than a Ryzen 5 3600?
If so how mutch of a difference would we talk about, using 2 GPU listed down below

  1. With an GPU: AMD RX 580
  2. With an GPU: 3080 TI
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The Ryzen 9 5900X is better than the 5 3600. Theoretically it's at least double the performance due to the number of cores. But the 5900X is also clocked faster, has better instructions-per-clock cycle throughput, among other things.

But how much this matters depends on the application. You may only see maybe a 15-20% improvement if the application is on average running on a single core/thread. Or you could see a vast improvement if it runs on more. And no, there's no easy way to determine this or table (as far as I'm aware of) that has this laid out.
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What about an Intel i9 12900k would that be alot better than an ryzen 5900x?
My useage is engine development.
The 12900k will be a LOT better if your app is cpu limited.
With the same number of threads(24) the 12900K is considerably faster in single thread performance as well as total performance.

If your app can use a gpu for processing, that could change things.
The 3080ti is much more capable than the RX580.

What is the app that you use for engine development?
It should have recommended minim desired and maximum hardware requirements.