Question AMD Ryzen 5 4500

Jun 10, 2023
Hello everyone, this is my first ever post and i hope you can help me. I just upgraded my pc after a long time, decided to switch from intel (g4600) to amd (ryzen 5 4500) but wen i booted the pc and everytinh seemed to work just fine i checked on task manager and on cpu z and neither of these is showing the correct ammount of cores and threads. both programms recognise the name of the proccesor but not hte cores and threads and it seems to be underperfoming. and the strange thing is when i load bios my processor is recognized as a 6 core processor. htanks for your time in advance
Looks like you booted from your old copy of windows which had 2 cores and 4 threads.
Most here will advise you to do a clean install of windows.
To fix what you have search for msconfig and run it.
select the boot tab and advanced options. make the number of processors blank.

On the task manager cpu display, right click on the graph and select logical processors.
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