News AMD Ryzen 5000 Embedded: Up to 12 Zen 3 Cores at 105W


Jun 23, 2014
I always thought embedded processors were for things like passively cooled remote terminals where they were just a go between and not only didn't need much power, but more than 15w started to get detrimental to longevity, reliability and sometimes safety. Like factory controls, self order kiosks, checkouts and wyse terminals.

Maybe AMD has found some new embedded use or redefined it somehow.

They could probably lock things down considerably with their Pluton additions. I was just at a Kia dealership and they had some VR test drive thing that was broken and useless. Maybe these embedded high end chips are going into things like that. Although it would be way easier to run something like that off more standard equipment where you could just clone the hard drive several times and replace as needed.