Question AMD Ryzen 5700G CPU Cooler

If I am not overclocking, will a stock wraith spire cooler sufficiently cool the Ryzen 5700g?
5700G's aren't sold as boxed processors so they don't come with any cooler, much less a Spire. Unless the OEM or system builder bundled one on it. They do anything to move a system cheaply...just watch some of the latest GamersNexus videos on pre-builts.

A spire will definitely work better than nothing but the CPU's going to be throttling back fiercely and probably even over heating. It's 8 core/16 threads just like a 3800X except it also has an 8 core GPU under the same heatspreader, so nothing less than a Wraithe Prism. But 3800X's respond with much better performance under superior cooling (a 240mm AIO or Dark Rock 4 class of cooler); I have to think a 5700G would too.
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I tend to lean towards going better than stock. Great opportunity to utilize an aftermarket option. Even meager ones tend to outperform the Spire. I also feel like a Prism would be the way to go, or better.