News AMD: Ryzen 6000 'Rembrandt' in AM5 for Desktop PCs, DDR5 Pricing Impacts Release Date


Feb 21, 2016
talking about putting all your eggs in the same basket !

no DDR5 availablity this year = crap time for AMD & their stock holders trying to sell their new tech that is only DDR5
Apr 1, 2020
When Socket AM4 debuted not only were motherboard and CPUs much more expensive than Socket AM3, but there were only a limited number of DDR4 modules which worked with them, often they were the more expensive variants, and those variants were not always easy to find. While those all hurt Socket AM4 no doubt, they didn't exactly stop people from buying them.

However, there is one important difference: Socket AM4 is -very- viable and will continue to be for many years to come. PCIe 4, multiple M.2 slots, 802,11ac and .ax WiFi on even mid-range models, none of those are going to prove insufficient for quite some time. Compare this to Socket AM3 where there was no PCIe 3.0 (outside of the Sabertooth 990FX Gen3/R2), SATA performance was abysmal, WiFi was scarce, and processing power was, to be kind, lacking.
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In times like these is when Companies should get creative with their thinking and ways of looking for partnerships no one thought made sense before.

AMD should talk directly to Micron and Samsung and then see how feasible it is to bundle memory modules to clients via an OEM when selling the CPUs or to the AIBs when selling motherboards, so that distributors have no way to "divert" product for scalpers or other such actors. At the very least make it harder to do. I do believe it is in AMD's best interest, reading how AM5 won't be DDR4 compatible, to ensure end users have viable alternatives to secure what is scarse in order to actually buy their product.

And if not directly to Micron or Samsung, there's always Crucial, Kingston and a lot of others they'd be insterested in securing future stock via this? Given market conditions though, I don't know how likely it is RAM vendors would even care. I guess you can only get creative and find out.

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I am not sure why guys are so into DDR5 prices, they pushed controller into those sticks, they need to cost more because you have more hardware each stick. You should see similarly cheaper change on boards, but it was eaten by inflation.