Discussion "AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is such a hit it almost outsold Intel’s entire CPU range"

I just came about this article from TechRadar titled "AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is such a hit it almost outsold Intel’s entire CPU range"

Here are a few key highlights:

"The latest stats from German retailer Mindfactory (as highlighted on Reddit) for the month of July show that AMD sold an incredible 79% of all processor units, compared to 21% for Intel."

"In June, AMD’s overall market share was 68% at Mindfactory, so the increase to 79% represents a big jump, and the highest proportion of sales achieved by the company this year by a long way."

"AMD’s top-selling chip was the Ryzen 7 3700X, and get this: sales of that one single processor weren’t far off equaling the sales of Intel’s entire CPU range (at around the 80% mark of what Intel flogged). "

"Other feedback from Asia shows that AMD is making strong progress here, in South Korea and Japan, and according to one report, in the latter case, AMD has driven up to a market share of 47% and almost parity with Intel. Not too shabby when you consider that back at the start of 2018, AMD’s share was just 18% in Japan. "

"The aforementioned report on Japan showed AMD growth even in prebuilt PCs and laptops, where the firm now holds 14.7% of territory (which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s more than treble the market share of 3.9% the company held back at the beginning of 2018)."

So I have a few questions for everyone.
  1. What does this mean for Intel? What do you think they will try to do to counter AMD?
  2. What do you think has to happen for AMD to gain more traction in the prebuilt market?
  3. Why do you think the 3600 isn't selling as well as the 3700x? I helieve the 2600 was the best selling 2nd gen one.
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1. Means Intel just needs to get their next line of products to market. Competition is good for consumers. We get better tech at lower prices as a result. While I am glad to see AMD back in the game, anyone who counts Intel out is delusional.

2. They are increasing market share and I expect to see the trend continue until Intel swings it back their way a bit more. These things go in cycles.

3. Huh? 3600 = 3600. You might want to re-look that one.
Mindfactory is the only store...in the whole world...that reports higher AMD sales for the last three years or however long it was that ryzen came up.

1. You can look up AMD's financial reports and compare them to intel's to see what's really up.Intel doesn't need to do anything,sales even of desktop CPUs are going very well for intel even though they are selling pretty old tech by now,it's not like intel is in hurt for money.

2.AMD will have to be able to supply enough CPUs at a very constant rate,number one issue for OEMs is if something they need stops being produced or just stops being available.
Intel having problems with supply is the biggest reason that OEMs started using AMD more.
Also AMD CPUs losing a butt load of monetary worth about six month after release is probably not making OEMs happy,they can't ask for the same price they did when planning the device.

3.People are starting to believe their own propaganda and think that 6 cores even with SMT isn't enough anymore....or everybody is suddenly doing productivity.
Must not forget about type of market we are talking about. Intel obviously has bigger fish to fry, consumer CPU market is not their bread and butter. Amd on other hand is exactly consumer market oriented but also has GPU market to go along and can use same technology for it. Any new technology is also usable in GPUs.
Consumer market also demands better performance to $$ ratio and when you combine those two you get a clear winner with masses as well with well versed consumers.
Too many were falling for "Intel inside" story where Intel was always declared a winner for everything although in many cases an AMD platform would do satisfactory job. Don't forget who started with 64 bit and multi core processors.
Intel had supply problem because of failing to deliver new technology but that was purely bad business decision, relaying on some future tech that didn't pan out. Money hunger is what caused it. They could have just parred down number of models, left few best ones and lowered prices and still be able too keep their image. I haven't seen such exodus from Intel to AMD in my life.
3. 3600 is selling like crazy but is not as good buy as 3700x as that bracket is mainly good for gaming while 3700x is outstripping it in performance in every field for not too much more money. Performance/$$ is just too good to pass.


Aug 26, 2017
Personally it goes about what you want.If your a pure competitive gamer that needs the highest fps in 1080p then you go intel.For everything else you go amd.AMD's a better all round cpu.It can game and productivity equally.I personally would go for the 3600 over the 3700x but that's only cause even my ryzen 5 2600 doesn't get used to it maxed cept when i convert video's
After a successful new release they market is always going to sway temporarily over to the new product. It has only been on the market for few weeks and many were waiting with upgrades until R 3000 series because of the long introduction process and many jumped on it.