AMD Ryzen Master Not Saving OC Settings


Dec 30, 2017
Hi Guys,

I have been exploring using Ryzen Master to OC my CPU (Ryzen 7 1700) as I am pretty new to all this and havent yet wanted to tinker in the BIOS. Once I saw this piece of software it seemed like an easier way to experiment with OCing.

Using the tool, and Cinebench to test, I have had my system running stable at 3.7 GHz and 1.3v.

However, whenever I reboot my computer, it loses these settings and reverts to the default.

I have tried installing the latest drivers from the AMD site and I am using the AMD Ryzen power profile to manage my power which was recommended elsewhere to fix this... but no dice.

Can anyone suggest any ideas / thoughts on why this might be (other than doing it 'properly' in the BIOS - I know this is still an option for me but would prefer to persist with Ryzen Master for now)?

For reference I am using the ASUS Prime X-370 MoBo and 16gb G-Skill RAM.
Mar 5, 2018
Unfortunately, Ryzen Master DOESN'T save the overclocking settings - by design. The thought process seems to be that you use Ryzen Master to tweak and test your settings in real time. Then once you've got things how you like them and the system is running well, you enter your same settings into your BIOS to make them permanent.

Of course that's all fine and good with the assumption that all boards that support Ryzen CPUs have a BIOS that supports overclocking. Asus went and put a Ryzen 7-1700 desktop CPU into a laptop (Asus ROG GL702ZC) and they cut all the overclocking support out of the BIOS even though the chip and the board support it quite well, so my only option as an owner of that very laptop seems to be to open up Ryzen Master and apply my overclock every time I start the machine.

Believe me, if I find a workaround I'll post the solution.

Oh, and MSI Afterburner is for overclocking the GPU, not the CPU.

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