AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3000 Series CPUs: Rumors, Release Date, All We Know

Feb 22, 2019
I find a couple problems with your theories about TRX40/80 and WX80:
- If WX80 is for Workstations and AMD will have 2 lineups of Threadripper CPUs, for workstations and consumers, then how will an 8 channel CPU be used with a 4 channel supporting TRX40? This would mean that if 40 and 80 denominations mean number of memory channels that AMD will make possibly 3 lineups: 1 with 4 channel memory controlller, another HEDT with 8 channels, and then the third for workstation use with 8 channels and other tweaks.
Also I would assume that AMD will use a vertical style product stack for Threadripper. I mean, 16-24 cores, for example, with 4 channel memory ; then 32-42/48(assuming there will be a 64 core version) with 8 memory channels; and then 48-64 core variant for workstation use.
Another theory of mine is that there will not be much difference between workstation oriented and consumer Threadrippers, the only difference might be the core count, bigger number of cores for workstation, like with Threadripper 2000: 2990WX and 2970WX. So de-facto there might be 2 lineups: lower core count with 4 memory channels, and octal channel with more cores. Also, Threadripper already supports ECC out of the box so this makes it probable that all Threadripper 3000 CPUs will support it and so there might be no difference other than core count between consumer and workstation CPUs. With this theory WX80 will have little to no difference from TRX80 and the main difference might be just boards that are made for servers and workstations (i.e. no RGB), possibly multi CPU support as it is meant for workstation and so should have some differences from TRX80, otherwise why would WX80 exist as the same functionality is supported by cheaper TRX80, so WX80 will probably support dual or quad CPU setups.


Nov 16, 2009
My guess, one series of Threadripper 3000 CPUs, all go with the same socket, ie. pin out. The CPU can support 8 channel of memory just like EPYC. The TR40 and TR80 chipsets only support 4 channels so with these mother boards, the extra 4 channels of memory on the Threadripper aren't connected. Use the WR80 chipset/ motherboard and all 8 memory channels are active.

Dual CPUs perhaps, but that is what EPYC is for.