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Question amd sapphire 5700xt black screens


Oct 13, 2014
Hi guys,

I'm getting black screens on my 5700xt while playing latest COD. What can be the reason for this?

My system is

Ryzen 2600
b450 tomahawk
2 8gb sticks
sapphire 5700xt
1 hdd
1 sdd
1 regular keyboard /w backlight
1 mouse (no lights)
1 headset
3 120mm fans
2 24'' identical monitors (same refresh rate)
Seasonic ss-560km

I'm running the latest drivers 19.10.2 . I've also tried 19.10.1 and 19.8.1 (some user reported not having black screens on this version, while having on the newest). I'm having black screens on all of them.


Oct 13, 2014
That game only?

Also, how long have you had the PSU?
Many years, can't tell exactly. Less than 10 though.

I've also played Battlefield 5 (on max graphics) for 20-30 hours and have experienced NO black screens and NO stutters. But I've read that a lot of people are experiencing black screens in other games (that I do not play) as well.

Btw I've also tried limiting fps to 100 (read this advice, to reduce gpu load) and it didn't help.

Regarding PSU, I've tested my system with the Power Supply Calculator and my system draws 444w, so I should be perfectly fine.


Oct 13, 2014
System Requirement

  • Recommended 650 Watt Power Supply (Minimum 600 Watt Power Supply).
We rate this card at a ~300 Watt TDP in it's out of the box configuration. Here is our power supply recommendation:

  • Radeon RX 5700 - On your average system we recommend a 500 Watt power supply unit.
  • Radeon RX 5700 XT - On your average system we recommend a 550 Watt power supply unit.

The card does not require 600 Watt PSU. It simply does not. And for what it's worth there's plenty of complaints on amd support forum with 600+ Watt PSU's. So yeah, totally not helpful.

Oh, and you probably missed the point where I was able to game Battlefield 5 on Ultra (which is MORE demanding than COD) with NO problems whatsoever.
Oct 28, 2019
I have exactly the same configuration as you and same GFX.

My PC is connected to a 43 inch 4k TV trough HDMI. I was experiencing black screens every now and then but not in game, it was happening during normal desktop usage... I concluded the drivers are bugging.

Also once in a while I was getting an even weirder issue where on the left side of the screen my mouse cursor would turn to something looking like a bar code. On the right side of the screen it was ok. Really weird glitch. When this happened, the sound was trrrriping while music was playing and generally there were other lags as well. A restart fixed it every time, until it comes again... I have attached images of it.

In any case, regarding your black screens I would recommend you to try a different cable and a different port in your GFX and then try to see for the black screens come again.

I discovered that when I changed my HDMI cable to a newer one, the black screens seem to have stopped now for over a week...
Sep 30, 2019
I had the same issue with my XFX AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT. I notice that first off I had a blower style GFX card which had really bad reviews due to overheating (never go blower). I decided to exchange and shell out more money for a dual fan type. After I changed cards I still had the issue of my computer shutting off only during gaming which I found that I had a bad power supply. Now that I've done this I notice everything is up and running with no problems as we speak. I hope this helps :)
Oct 29, 2019
Hi there!
Russian liberator is here
Looking through the web in search for any solution
Have same issues in COD (+directX errors 6066, 6068 - but these are primarily a game flaw)

I've already posted my problems at amd community website, here is a link

In short,
my rig is 3700x+5700xt sapphire nitro+ (supplied by the single 2x PCIe(6+2pin) rail), PSU is be quiet! pure power 700W Gold, x570 TUF gaming wifi, 1 obsolete 60hz monitor, latest drivers for chipset/GPU, ryzen master installed
At first everything was ok, but I got 2 blackscreens right after bfV installation (then the problem seems disappeared), but few days later I've installed COD where I felt completely the whole gamut of radeon gaming.
Tried to fix issues by:
turning on/off vsync
locking in game fps in settings
running a game right after reboot with radeon overlay disabled (combining it with low res settings it should reduce amount of DirectX errors)
increasing fan speed in wattman
changing the value (+/-) of radeon power consumption
plugging 2 PCIe 6+2 pin rails instead of 1 2xPCIe 6+2 pin into GPU
adding TDR delay (8ms) in register

also, people advise to not run msi afterburner and other similar monitoring utilities

nothing helps
a lot of blackcreens by now, im afraid my rig is about to break. Before bfV and COD, I've played (and playing now) bf4, doom2016, quake champions, outer worlds without any issues. But yesterday i've got a blackscreen right after reboot by launching discord+origin simultaneously.

this evening i gonna try
to run COD in window mode
to re-install radeon gpu drivers by DDU (in safe mode)
waiting for the answer from ASUS (they've issued a new bios (1202) for x570 TUF gaming, and i have x570 TUF gaming wi-fi on page of which i see only the previous version (1201))
to re-install radeon overlay (dont remember is it embedded function of driver or is a separate program)
to reinstall windows 10

if it wont help, gonna try to update windows to 1909v in november

I cannot RMA
say if u find anything

PS: sorry for language mistakes