Question AMD sapphire R9 290x 4GB

Jun 14, 2021
Hello everybody.

My board ASUS P8P67 Pro
PSU EVGA 600watt
Ram 32GB DDR3 1600 Hynix 4x8

I'll try and explain. If I connect my SSD to my system, this card shows on screen bad drive no booting to windows 10 after this. If I take the drive off, the system same message no boot to Windows 10. Now then, if I remove this GPU install a simple 1GB GPU then it works fine with the ssd and windows boots.
How old is your Video card from Sapphire ? When did this issue started occurring ? Was the GPU previously working fine on your PC ? If you have a spare system then you can test the card on that PC, to make sure the card is not faulty.

If the same problem persists then most likely the card must be having some issues, otherwise not. Maybe you need to check the BIOS settings as well. Is that SSD your primary OS drive, or just an extra SSD ?

Can you BOOT your PC without using this SSD, assuming you have another spare HDD/SSD ?

if I remove this GPU install a simple 1GB GPU

Which GPU model is this exactly ?
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Is the cooler on the card a blower type cooler?

If it is? Look for a tiny little black switch on the top edge of the card because its dual bios normally one is for silent mode the is other for turbo mode or what ever they call it?

Make sure the system is powered off before switching between Bios mode on the card.

might help if it in silent mode think it pulls slightly less? those cards pull a lot of watt's

not sure that will help but ya never know if one of the Bios will act differently?

I used to have a couple of them in crossfire when they first came out they where nothing but noisy trouble-some over 600watt pulling system and entire room heater's from my time spent with them and couldn't wait to see the back of them if I'm totally honest. (Tested using multi-meter)

I used to have to sit there in just my bloody pants sweating like a desert rat seeing mirages of water holes!

Well ok not quite that extreme but I would be sweating.

If it doesn't have a switch simply ignore everything you just read.
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