AMD settup issue. Using Phenom.


Mar 20, 2010
I built a computer nine months ago. I had some initial problems, but nothing serious. It worked for some time, but never at full power. I tried many things to fix this.

I finally got all four processors at the advertised 3200 GHz(they were only at 800). For some reason very soon after I got it at full speed the computer began to crash. It started as only when I used it all day, but it got pregasivly worse. It is so bad now I am lucky to fully boot, and if I do as soon as I open something it chrashes.

I have been busy so have done little trouble shooting. I have tried only two things.
took out video card(XFX 4890)
took out network adapter
neither did anything

I have not tryed re-installing vista or any other software because I assume it would just crash.

I think the followin might be my problem:
Overheating, I have seven fans and good wiring so this seems doutful.
CPU is worn out. When attempting to get full speed I use AMD overclock and used the wrong voltage.
compatiblility issue:
AMD Phenom x4 955
XFX radeon 4890 HD
Patriot ram 1333 4 GBs
Seagate 500 GB Harddrive
Windows vista ultimate 64 bit.

What shoulkd I do? I have a feeling the Processor is the problem becuase it happened gradually which means lilkely not compatibility. it is not a virus issue. i was thinking I would just buy the cheapes compatible CPU and hope that fixes it. That might be my best bet for only $80.


Feb 11, 2010
If you can, try to get it replaced. It is probable that you have cool n quiet enabled (by default). Try disabling that. Im not quite sure how to, so try a google search. I also suggest clocking via bios, not overdrive. Bios is more stable and reliable.

Hope i helped!