News AMD Shipped Over Half a Billion GPUs in Just 7 Years

In just 7 years time, AMD has shipped an impressive 553-million GPUs, though Intel technically still leads.

AMD Shipped Over Half a Billion GPUs in Just 7 Years : Read more

"According to research from John Peddie, AMD has shipped well over half a billion GPUs in 7 just years time, which is a tremendous accomplishment. "
Should be in just 7 years

Also how exactly is this a tremendous accomplishment when nvidia has 16% compared to AMDs 22% and sales to xbox and PS put together equal 29% of AMDs business? I guess a sale is a sale but then the article says:
Where you really want to compare vendors is with gaming-grade graphics cards. Otherwise, Apple or ARM will certainly beat the combined sales of Intel, AMD, and Nvidia given how many GPUs they've pumped into mobile phones.
Shouldn't you then remove all the notebook/laptop APUs?


Jul 2, 2011
7 billion gpus and still the drivers are crap? Damn...

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Shouldn't you then remove all the notebook/laptop APUs?
I guess there's sort of a grey area there, considering some of these APUs are comparable in performance to Nvidia's lower-end dedicated cards. And some of Nvidia's dedicated cards, like GT 710s and such, are not at all what would be considered "gaming grade" hardware, as they were barely on par with Intel's integrated graphics at the time they came out.

Even if we eliminate all the desktop and laptop APUs though, that still would leave AMD with nearly half the market for "gaming grade" graphics hardware though. I guess a more meaningful comparison might be to split things into groups. Console hardware, where AMD holds the majority of the market, dedicated cards, where Nvidia holds the majority, and integrated, where Intel holds the majority.
Odd there wasn't a noticeable leap during the mining boom...
Not necessarily, when you consider that only around 18% of the Radeon sales represented by that graph are referring to dedicated desktop cards.

And even if AMD increased graphics chip production during that period, it's not like they could double it or anything, since they have only a limited amount of chip manufacturing capacity to work with. That's why the supply of graphics cards dried up and prices skyrocketed, since the supply couldn't keep up with demand. Significantly more money might have been getting spent on graphics cards, but the number of cards being manufactured may not have increased a whole lot.
I guess there's sort of a grey area there,
If someone is talking about gaming grade than it's all one huge grey area,I mean there are plenty of games that will run on any android device or on any iGPU even on those from intel you can do some gaming.
And the console APUs, they use two separate CPUs if they also use two GPUs joined together can you still call them gaming grade?
Jun 3, 2020
A half billion GPUs to the world, but not to myself. I see a problem there ... it must be a bug ...
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