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I'm new to the forums though, I'll do my best to keep my post as precsie and comprehensive as possible.
Processor(AMD Phenom II X3 or X4) entry level/mid range/high end
PSU-entry level/mid range/high end
Case(full tower) entry level/mid range/high end
primary hard drive-entry level/mid range/high end
secondary hard drive-entry level/mid range/high end
motherboards-entry level/mid range/high end
heatsink-entry level/mid range/high end
graphic cards(radeon 5000 series) entry level/mid range/high end
dvd rw-entry level/mid range/high end
sound card-entry level/mid range/high end
monitor-19in hdmi - entry level/mid range/high end
memory-(1333mhz) entry level/mid range/high end

lastly, I've be using Win7 Pro 64bit version as my OS..
Oh, in terms of the various range I plan on building more than likely mid range as, I'm not warren buffet and roll in unlimted financial resources but, I'll try to keep my total overhead costs not including shipping to somewhere around 1,400 American dollars as such. I hope this has been helpful with what I've provided for, I've found that tomshardware has a reputation for providing the most accurate information in terms of computer hardware information in terms of the people whom are part of the forums?

Well, I'll be going now but, I'm glad to have joined this site.




A 19inch monitor is not right. You want a 22 inch 1920x1080 given your budget.

Motherboards have good onboard sound now. No need for a sound card.

Here is a solid mid-high gaming machine at a good price:
Phenom IIx4 955 ($150)
Gigabyte GA-890XA-UD3 motherboard ($120)
4GB DDR3-1600 cas7 1.3V RAM [Gskill eco series] ($99)
Antec 300 illusion case <mid-tower, no need for full tower> ($70)
Samsung F3 500GB HDD ($55)
ATI 5850 Graphics card ($280)
Antec Neo Eco 620W PSU ($70)
DVD Burner ($20)
Kingwin 1264 120mm CPU cooler ($25)

Thats $889 not including tax and shipping, but also no rebates or combo discounts. You still need a monitor, mouse and keyboard, but have plenty of budget left for them.

A decent 23 inch 1920x1080, 5ms LCD will run about $180-250. Lots of options at
A Logitech keyboard, optical mouse and headset are $15 each at Wal-mart.


Jan 14, 2006
Make Sure Your PSU Meets The Following Requirements; 1. 80+ Cert, 2. Single-Rail, 3. Active PFC, 4. 550Watts MINIMUM

Otherwise It All Looks Good, I Would However Reccomend At-Least A 22" As The Person Above Stated As Well As The 1TB Drive


Nov 27, 2007

bad advice is bad :p anyways 1400$ computer is about pointless 19in monitor like the others said get atleast a 22in 1080p. depending on your usage you could prolly save a few 100. something like dnd posted but personally id go with a cheaper case different mobo and the 650w antec neopower has been around 55$ a while now 53 or 54 last i seen. could also save a few bucks on the ram ive seen plenty around 80-90 i picked up the cl7 ripjaws around 90 on sale. also the mobo the 790x asus has has been on sale around 100$ but it has quite a bit of bad reviews although tons of good. you could get the asrock 870 extreme3 for 90$ which i picked up and can personally say is very nice for the price


First off, I've decided to go with AMD Phenom II X4 945 quadcore as well, I've chosen the Asus Crosshair III formula not due to it's performance but, it also has many of the options I'm looking for as well. Now, in terms of other components? I'm still considering going for a full tower as, I wish to have a great amount of expansion capability not that I'm going to be building some super-powered server no, rather many of the mid-towers I've looked at don't seem to have what I'm looking for at this momet.Still, I'm not totally out with mid-towers rather, not in the area of interest at this moment.Well, interms of graphics cards, more than likely I'll be going with either Asus Radeon EAH5670/DI/1GD5 due to not only the memory size but, appears to be a good choice yet, my second Asus Radeon choice might be EAH5870/G/2DIS/1GD5 either way, the choice of such appears to be a solid one. Lastly, as far as other components I'm still going to do some strategic research before making any final decisions and all yet, this is not my final choice on this build at this time yet, I'm very sincere in all of the many people who've replied thus far.


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Apr 13, 2008
There are a few "mid tower" cases that are as large as if not larger than "full tower" cases. The ones that come to mind are the Cooler Master Storm Sniper, the CM Storm Scout (this one is close) and the HAF 922, to name a few. I personally own the Sniper, and it is HUGE. My ATX mobo and 4850 with dual slot cooler + 120mm fan on top of that looks dinky. I have 4 HDs mounted in, as well as a DVD burner and fan controller. There is so much space to work with and fill up. I can hardly see it as being a "mid tower".


1st,Emperus I'd like to set up my system to not only play games such as STO,Napoleon: Total War ,Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising are just a few of the game titles I'm looking at playing on my potential system.Also I'd be using my system for multimedia purpoes as well in the form or photography management & editing/view dvd's in high quality format and not forgetting listening to a wide range of music all with intense sound quality and all.Lastly, my system would be used for business related tasks and all.. Basically, you could say that I'm hoping to create a very powerful all around system with fast processor,huge amount of ram over time 16gigs over the long run and graphic cards that within crossfire capability can deliver high performance..

2nd,the last resort Thanks for the suggestion of cases, as I can add one onto the list being NZXT Tempest-midtower and
Cooler Master RC-942-KKN1 HAF X ATX Full Tower Computer Case.Pricey yes, but overall features are worth the 200.00 dollars as, I'll be considering these and many others before making a final decision..

More component submissions I'll make later on..


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