AMD 'Temash' Quad-Core SoC Spotted in Acer Aspire Laptop

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guys, this Temash chip is a far cry from the real Jaguar. keep in mind they had to drop the TDP down to as low as 4-6W. and who needs that in a plugged in PS4??? Unless AMD has gone mad, the real Jaguar in the PS4 would reasonably have a TDP of maybe 30-45W, so hopefully clocked in the 3+Ghz range?


Jan 23, 2009
dudes, this is real jaguar. just like vishera has piledriver cores, this temash has jaguar cores. since last year AMD has marketed jaguar cores to be aimed at the tablet and ultrabook market. of course the ps4 will ave a better version of this architecture, but its not to say this isnt real jaguar.
I wouldnt really pay 500 for an 11 inch laptop, but thats just personal preference. it really sounds like a great deal for students who want battery life and low weight. interested in seeing just how a low clock, low power quad core with dedicated-ish gpu will perform against others in the price.


Apr 20, 2011
Might have to sell off my old Acer AO-722 netbook to get this baby. I really like the C-60 the netbook has - nice little low power chip that's able to handle a few games on the go, but what I do is just a bit much for the CPU portion. I hope Jaguar has a noticeable performance improvement over Bobcat. If so, with lower power consumption to boot, Tamesh will make a really interesting platform. I'm really excited.



IIRC, in the leaked PS4 specs the CPU clock rate was 1.6GHz.

You need to keep in mind that the PS4's APU is a single-die affair with most of the die area dedicated to the GPU so the APU will most likely be fabbed on a GPU-optimized process. This means a process optimized for massively parallel chips operating at relatively low clock rates. CPUs manufactured on such a process are unlikely to reach clock rates anywhere as high as CPUs fabbed on a clock-optimized process.

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I saw the article before it was taken down. The TDP information came from the 'comments' section (which I copied and saved):
"Generally, the dual core version will be a 3-4W max TDP part and the quad core will be a 5-6W max TDP part. The quad can also be unlocked when docked to go up to 14W max TDP for the Turbo performance mode. For the dual core A4-1200, the reference APU apparently consumes 1.2W when idle, 1.4W during browsing, and 2.35W when playing h.264 online video at 1080p resolution. Meaning total platform power for these types of activities is 2.8W, 3.7W and 5.3W respectively."
I didn't copy the article description itself --- but do recall the mention of the touch screen. And I believe the price was initially listed at $450.


Feb 6, 2006

But wasn't that AO722 $200 on sale at Target stores? This Temash laptop/netbook is $500 (MSRP?). If the price goes down to maybe $300, then it might be comparable, but as is, probably not. I also had the AO722, and liked most of it except the general slow CPU performance and the cheap floating island style keyboard.

I hope Temash beats the newer Atom series by a good margin. I have a Atom z2760 equipped Samsung XE500T, and the 10 hour battery life is just amazing. Performance is similar to e-350, and much better than c-50.
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