Question AMD to Intoduce Navi and EPYC in Third Quarter, Stock Rises

I said Navi would be available en-masse October in time for x-mas season. 3rd quarter ends Sept 30. So looks like I was right. Exact launch will depend on Ryzen ZEN 2 demand. Higher demand means a couple extra weeks production for Ryzen ZEN 2 before Navi starts. Good times for AMD. Congrats to them.
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Seriously. Back in the old days (2013) i loved intel and all of my x86 devices used Intel cpus. I thought of AMD as low end and crappy. I wasnt really wrong then since they were pumping out pile driver and buldozer FX cpus with major architecture level issues. At this point in time Intels comparable was better in nearly every respect.
Fast foward to 2019:
Now my gaming pc is powered by AMD ryzen since it creamed intel at the price i was looking at and i plan on upgrading to ryzen 3000 if it lives up to the hype.
Good job AMD and whoever came up with the zen architecture. Ryzen is a pretty stupid name tho 😜
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