News AMD to Present 'Next-Gen Image Upscaling Tech': FSR Upgrade?


Mar 16, 2020
This should not come as a surprise really since RDNA3 is in the horizon, and I think there may be dedicated hardware to drive smarter up scaling technics. The current FSR is mostly a stop gap solution since RDNA2 GPUs lack any hardware to perform some “smart” up scaling. But depending on the complexity of the method, chances is that most developers will just stick to DLSS and FSR 1.0. The latter is really just because it is easy to implement.
I don't think it's fair that DLSS keeps stealing the spotlight when NVIDIA's had an image upscaler option in their control panel since 2019, and they updated it last year to improve image quality that comes out of it. See . They also made this open source:

Considering the comparison in the Digital Trends' article, FSR does have some catching up to do in terms of quality. Though it's a very small sample set.