AMD Trinity A10-5700 or A6-5400


Oct 16, 2012
Good Afternoon,

I am relatively new to building computers but thought I would try and tackle building an HTPC. I've gone through a bunch of threads but just want to get some direct assistance. I want to be able to play HD content off of a NAS, play/rip blu-ray discs, download files with torrents and usenet, and eventually record tv.

Im pretty set on going with an AMD Processor the price point seems right, but I'm not sure if not going with Intel will drastically drop my computing power for say, ripping a blu-ray, but I am struggling between the A10-5700 or A6-5400k
I've read that keeping the wattage down should help with noise so I guess im trying to avoid the other higher wattage amd cpus.

I like the Biostar FM2 MOBO for either processor. The features

Im going with this G. SKill 1866 RAM everyhting i've read says to go with 1866 for these chips, and i think 8Gbs should be enough

I think I want to go with a blu-ray burner just to be able to burn them in the future if I want to, this Asus one seems like it will do the job.

I'm going to use a samsung 64gb SSD for windows 7 and run XBMC on top of it.
I've got a case that I am using and a 500w power supply from an old build my brother did.

I guess I could be also using it for light gameplay too, but nothing crazy I don't need to run crysis maxed out or anything. But maybe Diablo 3 or Team Fortress.

My main concern is with ripping blu-rays, and playing HD Content. So back to the original question is the A-6 going to be enough power for all of this? or should I really just go with the A-10?

Any help with this is much appreciated, thank you for your time.
TL;DR A-6 or A-10 for blu-ray ripping and 1080p playback

Thank you


Jul 27, 2012
butremor already covered everything else, so..

about the noise, just get a good after-market cooler.. if space is an issue, the Scythe Big Shuriken 2 comes to mind as a low-profile one.