AMD Turion ml37 OR Centrino 740 / 750


Nov 13, 2005
The centrino saves more battey power than the turion.

check this chart
*the XP 2800 is = to the Turion you wanted, take the average(of 1.8 and 1.6) for the Centrino because it doesn't show 1.73ghz

So speed wise they are about the same, but I think the centrino has an advantage because it is all Intel for the laptop mobo and chipsets. The turion will have a mix of different vender's stuff. Because of this the Centrino should have better performance in wireless and other bluetooth related stuff.

Have you considered waiting for Yonah? (dec 27, 05) That is if you have the cash to spend.


Dec 16, 2004
The AMD chip is hands down the better choice.

I don't think there is much truth in that. In fact the performance of Dothan and Turion is very similar clock for clock. CS986's claims that "Intal is stuck using their own junk" are completely false. In fact the Intel Centrino platform only mandates the use of a Pentium M processor, an Intel motherboard, and a Intel Wireless Card, the graphics processor is separate.

ATI X700 graphics card (which you will not find with anything Intel

Well here is a perfect example of a Pentium M 750 with an X700 graphics card.

In any case, the best advice is to find a laptop with the features you like such as size, weight, graphics card, hard drive space, etc. Performance-wise the difference between an equivalent clock speed Turion and Dothan isn't very significant. The Dothan Pentium M's are faster in games, especially with the 533MHz FSB and DDR2 533. However, Turion's are faster in media encoding tasks.

It is worth noting that Pentium M labtops generally have longer battery life. This is due to the fact that not only is the processor power optimized but the motherboard and wireless card are too as part of the Centrino umbrella. DDR2 RAM uses less power as well. Of course, battery life depends a lot of the specific model as manufacturers can skew things with their choice of other components.

If you are just buying a labtop now, you should take godlyatheist's advice. Intel will be releasing the new dual core Yonah Pentium M early next year. The launch date was rumoured to be New Year's Day, but it may be pushed back to January 6. Labtops should be available quickly after that. Yonah would be a much better option as it offers 2 cores without sacrificing clock speed. The price isn't inflating either as dual-core Yonah is set to be same price point replacements of current Dothan processors. A new motherboard and Wireless card under the Napa umbrella is also set to be released. The claim is that the new Yonah and motherboard will offer 68% more performance than current Pentium M's with 28% less power consumption.

If you need a laptop right now, the difference between Turion and Pentium M isn't that significant so look at other features first. If you can wait a few weeks, then do so and get Yonah in the new year. [/quote]


No. You cant decide on a laptop by chip alone. They come as a complete package.
While the acer ferrari is a good example of what I think a laptop should be, other's ideas may differ.
Given very similar setups, the turion would be better at everything, except battery life. Even then, a 37t would bring that a lot closser.
Truth is, for high end laptops, there are a lot of Intel setups, but few turions. Of course, the price is also high end.


Feb 19, 2004
The poster did not want a comentary on what you own.

You are also wrong on about every other point you made, unless my sony centrino laptop which has a x700 graphics card in it is some kind of a fluke.

Do some homework before you blather.


Jun 30, 2005
A commentary on what I own? So you would rather a bunch of green dumbasses give random spirts of advice on systems that should theoretically be good but they have never used? Yea, that makes a lot of sense. Also, the only point i made that was REMOTELY wrong was about the X700, which from the standpoint of availability, is damn hard to find. Next time you try to tell me to do my homework and not blather you better make sure you know what your talking about first.


Jan 7, 2004
I checked ATI's site for mobile x700's and the majority used intel cpus and not amd. They were also available and few of them were hard to find. I'm pretty sure ATI doesnt list all of them but hey.


Which one is better for a laptop? Running some games, and some basic applications. i can't decide.

Usually, Centrino model are better in term of battery, wwith less demanding apps. The Turion, will do better with battery when the system is working more.

So, which one to get?? The one that offer the best graphic performance for game.. and is within your budget. Because both CPU should be ok basic applications, the fact you mention game should be what would drive your choice.


Feb 19, 2004
The two processors are pretty much equal in performance given simular platforms.

There are other things to consider, warrantee, hard drive size, and type, being upgradeable, type of display, durability etc. Being able to swap out the hard drive and other drives without having to take out screws or open the case is a big plus.

I personaly use a laptop for what it is intended, a portable computer. I want a system as small as possible yet not so small that it is cumbersum.

Buying a laptop with gaming being a criteria is a preference which to me seems moot because a desktop system is a lot more logical for gaming.

Checking reviews on reputable websites and in the trade magazines in my opinion, gives you more information than you will ever get by asking in a forum like this. Below is a pretty good site