Question AMD video card that is equivalent to a 4GB Geforce GTX 1080 ti?

Jul 26, 2020
Title says it all. I was thinking about a Radeon RX 570, is it better or worse? I need something equivalent or a little bit better. Any ideas?
Even AMDs fastest card the 5700XT isnt close to the performance of the 1080ti. If you want the performance of a 1080ti you'll have to buy a used 1080ti or new RTX 2080 Super.
That part is not accurate. The 1080 Ti performs about on par with a 2070 SUPER in most games, minus the newer features like raytracing, which makes it only a little faster than the 5700 XT. Also, the 5700 XT isn't even AMD's fastest card, that would be the Radeon VII, though that card was never particularly competitively priced for gaming and is kind of hard to come by at this point. And of course, AMD should have newer, much faster high-end cards relatively soon.

Of course, if we're only talking about the 1050 Ti, then yes, even the much cheaper RX 570 is a decent amount faster. On average, it's generally shown to be nearly 50% faster than a 1050 Ti in demanding games. An RX 570 performs about on par with a 1060 3GB. It does however require significantly more power and puts out significantly more heat under load, so if your PSU isn't up to the task, it might be worth paying somewhat more to move up to a newer, more efficient card like a 1650 SUPER, which also performs close to 20% faster on average. Just make sure you get the "SUPER" version if you go that route (unless you have a really weak PSU with no PCIe power connectors), as the regular 1650 is a bit weaker than an RX 570 (though still a fair amount faster than a 1050 Ti).