Nov 24, 2005
In many hardware reviews the author says AMD CPU's are faster in gaming applications does that mean intel has it's own strong points and AMD has it's own weaknesses.people having more knowledge on this topic plz reply.


May 19, 2004
amd is pretty much faster than intel in everything as of right now, besides like the odd 3 benchmarks where intel has a slight lead. amd's biggest weakness is that its architecture is too efficent to use ht, much like the pentium m, so the non dual core chips do not multi-task as well as similarly priced intel p4 single cores. intel is slightly stronger in apps like video encoding, but its immense power consumption negates that advantage as intel has to take a large drop in clock speed moving to dual core. you can see that intel is a little better in those apps because the 840, which is the equivalent of two 540s, is on par with the 4400, which is two 3800s, so you can see intel does better than amd if you compare model numbers. but, like i said, intel cant clock chips high enough to actually use that advantage.


If you compare chips by cost, Amd will do everything better. Retailers charge for the Intel name.
The Amd dual cores are head and sholders above anything Intel has to offer, in the same price range.
There was a lot of interest early on in the Intel 820, because of it's low cost. Unfortuneatly, they are not a well supported chip, and seem to have a lot of problems.
Aside from poor performance, Intel has been having a problem with heat. They have made some progress, but still have a way to go. Things look promising around the time they bring out 45 nano parts.


Dec 31, 2007
yup. AMD unless you are heavily into multimedia apps that are the few that benefit from the intel architecture.

Another not so obvious bonus of amd chips right now is that they run a fair bit cooler than intel ones, meaning less heat issues to deal with and a smaller electricity bill :)

My whole box including 3 opticals, 3 hdd's, a r9800pro, 1gb of ram and dual overclocked 2500Mhz cores running full load is drawing less than 200W.