AMD VS Nvidia - Better Midrange GPU Maker??

Best Midrange GPU Maker?

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Dec 31, 2011
Vote for the best Mid range GPU maker out of the two- AMD or Nvidia??

Give reasons for your vote - why you preferred that!

Lemon Brown

Jan 6, 2013
AMD simply because they offer so many entry level graphics cards which provide great performance for their cost. The 6850 and 6870 are both great cards. Both are very affordable, starting at $110 for the 6850 and $130 for the 6870, Sapphire edition. Nvidia's old 500 series GPUs are still very pricey and don't offer great performance when compared to AMD's 7000 series.

AMD is currently better for entry level cards/chips and Nvidia and Intel currently make higher end cards/chips.



True. It's probably better if it were a simple discussion without a poll.

While I do agree AMD has the advantage in the mid range segment, they don't actually compete with the 650ti directly. There are 1GB 7850 (around $170 usually) which are close to the MSRP of the 650ti but most 650ti can be found way lower than $150. Galaxy GTX650ti
can be had for $124.99 on newegg (with rebate)

Lemon Brown

Jan 6, 2013

This shouldn't turn into a flame war. I actually prefer Nvidia cards over AMD but I can clearly see AMD is definitely winning here. Hopefully others can see this too.
AMD right now.

The 7850 1GB competes with the 650ti and comes out on top.
I know that its the 2GB model referenced in the bench, but the VRAM doesn't affect performance until you run out of it. At a resolution like 720p there's no opportunity use more than 1GB, 1080p its possible but not that common unless its something like Metro or Crysis.

A price point lower its HD7770 vs the 650, which the 7770 comes out better in everything except Starcraft.

The 7750 beats the 640, there's no bench but its fairly common knowledge that the low end Keplers arent gaming material.
I don't like this thread it will only create a fanboy argument. See each card by AMD and Nvidia proves to be a value at each price point and its not as simple as $100, $200, $300, $400 dollar cards. There are cards that are good for different situations, different environments it depends on what someone does with there computer.


Dec 16, 2012

I'll choose this as best answer.

It depends on the user and situation. It's like asking, whether you prefer boxers or briefs. :lol:


Feb 27, 2008
AMD offers more variations in the low/mid range market. Actually price is the first advantage of AMD cards due to the fact that they put more alternatives on the table than Nvidia, thus AMD holds more "corners". While Nvidia offers GTX 650/Ti, GTX 660/Ti at the low and mid range, AMD offers HD 7750/7770, 7850 1GB/2GB, 7870, 7950 and 7950 boost (this one actually competing GTX 670). More variations, competitive performance and lower price at AMD's side. Nvidia was simply the more expensive seller beforehand, though lately we see some nice cards for lower prices.
Oh please both companies are very very aggressive price wise now its not as simple as it once was price wise among the 2 card chip makers. I have no idea why I even bothered to post on such a trap of a thread.


Jun 8, 2009
AMD definitely the best for low->mid range cards.

IMO; Low end cars are everything 7750 and below on AMD, and everything 650Ti and below on NVidia. and mid range cards are the 7770 to 7870 for AMD, and 660, and 660Ti on NVidia.

This generation particularly I feel as though NVidia doesn't really have great value cards available. Last generation the GTX580 was simply a beast that one had to have, and the GTX560/560Ti were brilliant value for the budget gaming. NVidia also had really good support for GPU compute so you could justify your expensive video card for more than just gaming.

This generation however, AMD has taken the value crown across the board. Their GPUs are competitively priced, and offer more than just great game performance, as they are also useful for content creators and simulation software.

So this generation, AMD has the best GPU offerings ... last generation though it was NVidia (Yes I have a 1 yr old 560Ti). If I was buying today I'd probably get a 7950 ... but my 560Ti is too young for an upgrade anytime soon.

For the current Mid range in specific, The only competition I see is between the 7870 and the GTX660. These GPUs are about the same price and perform about the same. So in the mid range market I'd give the lead to AMD, simply because they also have the 7850 which blows the similarly priced 650Ti out of the water!

For the low end, NVidia simply cannot compete with the 7750 for a similar price. A clean up for AMD here.

In the high end market (as a side note) I would choose AMD aswell unless you are only gaming, and need to keep power consumption/heat to a minimum. otherwise the 7970 with an overclock is a better option.

Look to next generation for better offerings from NVidia. Hopefully with a more mature Silicon from TSMC, NVidia will be able to launch more beasts like they had last generation.

I don't know if that's any use in the States, but the UK version is useless. I dunno where the guys gets his prices, but they're way off, meaning value recommendations are way off. Take the GTX670 - available around £270-280 for months now, yet every month it's listed at £310. I don't know he's just looking at a single site each time (Amazon maybe) and not shopping around, but should be checking Scan, Dabs, Aria, Novatech and Ebuyer at the bare minimum.

Shooter, what's an 830 choco?
it seems amd is winning here because they offer great price for performance. but to me it's a consumer win but not really so on amd part lol. normally amd will introduce their next series in late Q3 or sometime in Q4. but i heard for the next series amd plans to launch it in Q2 this year so they can make more profit from the 7000 series.