amd vs nvidia on a freesync pannel? (HELP)

Jun 23, 2018
Hey guys! so i'm planning on building a pc and getting a monitor along with it but i'm not sure if i should go with the gtx 1070ti or vega 56 (or even gtx 1060 6gb vs rx 580 8gb). My main question is how often does screen tearing occur?..because the freesync panels are cheaper but only use the free sync feature with amd cards whereas g sync is more expensive and only uses the function with amd cards. The monitor I wnt to get is the LG 29UM69G-B (75hz 1 ms). Will the nvidia card(S) show tearing on this free sync panel or should i get an amd card..(i really want the nvidia cards but im not sure if the screen tearing is a deal breaker.)
I am using an lg 29um67 monitor paired with a gtx 1080. I used to have an R9 fury and to be honest since making the switch I have not had any real issues with screen tearing. I do use either Vsync or adaptive sync through the nvidia control panel so that takes care of that. Whether you should go for a vega 56 or 1070ti is a personal choice-they pretty much trade blows when it comes to gaming. With that said I can imagine the Vega 56 having a longer life span as AMD tends to squeeze more performance out of their cards as time goes on. Also it is worth noting that a vega 56 will be a little more power hungry compared to a 1070ti, especially if overclocked. It will come down to personal preference and the cost of the cards.