News AMD: 'We are continuing to produce RX 5700 series graphics cards.'

When in the history of AMD since the purchase of the ATI has "this" ever happened?

Never as far as I can remember.
I'm not entirely sure but did they stop production of Polaris when Vega was released? Radeon graphics were so boring at the time that I wasn't even paying attention to it. I went from Fiji Pro straight to Navi 10 XT.
Guess this means "Navi Refresh" isn't so much a refresh, as just the same old thing...
I don't know why you're assuming that. The Navi 10 refresh is going to be the "same old" Navi 10 built on TSMC's refreshed 7nm production node. That will bring better clocks and efficiency. It also means that the current Navi 10 cards will get a pretty nice price drop. When were you planning on buying it?
Umm... I think you meant that the RX 5700XT is 10% faster than the 2060 Super, not the vanilla 5700.
Yeah, I think that the RX 5700 is 10% faster than the RTX 2060, which itself is about on par with the RX 5600 XT.
"Navi Refresh" - go on then, do explain what you mean - give us a laugh.
I think that he's referring to Lisa Su's statement that Navi 10 would be getting a refresh in 2020 as well as RDNA 2 being released. I think that it's Navi 10 on TSMC's refreshed 7nm manufacturing node. I have to assume that if he's concerned about it, it's because he's looking to get one.
The RX5700 will get phased out when Navi 23 launches - no point in manufacturing a 251sqmm die when an equivalent if not better 240sqmm one is available.
I think that you're right and that's exactly what's happening. That would explain the production being stopped in 2021.