AMD Winchester/Venice


Ok.. This forum is all over the place when trying to find some solid information.. so here's my post.

Originally I was thinking 3000+ Winchester.. but after reading up, I should be wanting the 3000+ Venice instead.

I don't keep up with all the hardware and stuff, it changes too fast and I figure I can read a short article to figure everything out fast enough.

Over lunch I was bored so I went to a local computer shop known around town.

I asked for their pricing on an AMD Winchester 3000+..

I was told by these idiots that AMD CPUs are junk, inferior, etc. They're not stable when opening multiple programs, not any better than an equal pentium (in ratings), AMD is pricier than Intel, and the AMD tends to fry.. in which they promptly pulled out 2 motherboards with memory, PSU, and a nice burn mark on the 20pin connecter which they attributed to the CPU pulling too many watts. The power supply was an Antec TruPower 430.. which I haven't had luck with - I've had 3 burn up.

So after hearing all this about AMD.. they started up on how the 64 bit platform has been discontinued! by AMD.. They said they couldn't order any 64 bit processors any more, etc. etc.
They're idiots, this I know.

But I am a bit curious.

How well does the 64bit CPU perform with multiple applications open? Any have any stability problems with it locking up?

They claimed to have encrypted a DVD in 45 minutes with a 3200+ and in <25 with a Celeron 2.4.

I just want to know if anyone has experienced any problems with their 64 bit CPU.

From all I've read, I haven't heard of anyone having any problems.

They also claimed to have an Intel P4 that was a true 64 bit CPU.. which I haven't heard of Intel actually putting one on the market yet..

Again, I don't really follow the hardware.. not my cup of tea.. thanks for any info on the subject.

I'm figuring I'll switch from looking at the 3000 winchester to the 3000 venice.. it's a 2 dollar difference on Newegg.


Apr 7, 2005
You shouldn't have any problems with the A64s they run very cool.
AMD is not pricier than Intel.
The only difference being the dual core CPUs, there AMD is pricier.
Right now Venice is cheaper than winchester, so it's a very good time to buy.
If you have any specific questions, ask them there are few guys here that have both (AMD and Intel) and they can give you their opinion.
In my experience I had a 2.8GHz PIV Sony VAIO and the AMD 2800+ I bought after it totally owned it, specially in gaming.

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Yeah, that's what I thought. I've been running AMD for years.. but with the 64bit coming out, I've only heard and read about it. I haven't made the jump yet.

It just annoyed me how much these guys at the shop were pushing Intel and sub-par equipment to what I wanted.

I went in there without them knowing that I had any background on computers. Figuring by what they had for their 2 burnt up AMD systems, they're not matching up hardware and using whatever.
As soon as they blamed the 64 for fusing the Power Supply to the motherboards, I figured they didn't have a clue about what they were talking about. It looked like the power supplies had shorted out. I don't care if it's a $120 power supply, it's not the CPU causing the PSU to burnt up, they're both protected against that happening.

I'm eyeing the Venice right now and I figure I should just order the thing and pick up the video card later. I'm guessing the video cards will come down before the processor pricing comes down.. chances are I figure the CPU price will go up.

Thanks for the input on it.. just reaffirming what I had thought but good to know someone else that follows the stuff says the same.