Question AMD Wraith stealth cooler fan does not fit on Asus ROG strix b450-F Gaming II MOBO

Nov 27, 2021
I bought an AMD ryzen 5 3600, with which I got the AMD wraith stealth cooler fan. Its really a pain to fit this diagonally. I tried really hard, but they don't seem to fit at all. Only two of the opposite sides could be fit and the fan is being lifted it's like that. I have the backplate on, I removed the brackets which are on the MOBO. I don't know what is the problem, I informed AMD support and I don't think I might get an answer at least for months on this from AMD. Very weird. And I am concerned whether I might damage the processor. I checked the processor again if there are any visible damages after trying a bit hard, I could not see any, but I am a bit worried and I can't fit this damn fan. Any ideas would be much appreciated, please?