AMD X2 5000+ BE 3,3GHz@1.475v stable, is it safe?


Oct 20, 2008
I bought a Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 and AMD X2 5000+ Black ed.
My friend was running it at 3,1GHz for about 8 months with the normal core voltage (1,325v).
I bought 2x DDR6400 and a Xigmatek HDT-S963 cooler
Using 15.5x 200Mhz i had a 3,1Ghz at 1,325v (default) 42 degree Celsius full load with 778,6Mhz memory speed (cpu/8).

Then i tried 16x 200Mhz i had a 3,2Ghz at 1,4v (lowest stable) 44 degree Celsius full load with 803,6Mhz memory speed (cpu/8).

Then i tried 16,5x 200Mhz i had a 3,3Ghz at 1,45v (not stable) with 735Mhz memory speed (cpu/9).

I read an article ( and so I tried using 12x 275=3,3GHz at 1,475v (lowest stable because 1,45 was not stable) and I had 46 degree Celsius full load and the memory set to 667MHz in bios. Using that setting the system was stable for 12 hours with prime95 and the ram was working at 825MHz with increased bandwidth for the L1 and L2 cache too because of the high FSB.

My question is how safe is a voltage of 1,475v for the cpu, the temperature as I said was max 46-47 after 12 hours at 100% load with prime.
Is temperature the only problem or this high voltage can do other damage?
Could i try 1.5v or is it too much?

This is a picture of the memory bandwidth with the three cpu settings, and CPU-Z




Thank you



Mar 24, 2008
I have the same question. I've been running my 5400+ BE on 1.475v almost since I got it, about 6 weeks ago - on 3.15GHz.

How much voltage is too much, and is the temps the only problem, or the voltage itself too?