Amd x5 latest processor coming soon

Well, no response so far to let's try something new:

When AMD comes out with their new CPUs, the phenom IIx5 (which will likely top out at 2.6GHz in the beginning), how will they perform based on current gen graphics? Will the current games or any new games benefit from 5 cores at a lower clock speed compared to 4 cores at a higher clock speed?

I'm sorry, but that's the best I can come up with based on what this guy has said.


I guess nothing is stopping AMD from releasing crippled hexacores, they would be penta-cripples... doesn't roll off the tongue like triple-cripple but oh well.

I guess my question is, how is AMD releasing a CPU for graphics?


Feb 17, 2009
@TheDuke, I doubt he messed up twice.

The AMD x6s will be released first if they do plan on releasing x5s (which is likely), simply because they won't produce x5s intentionally.

Buuut I agree with AMW1011. The OP said "processor for graphics", which doesn't make sense, because we wouldn't see AMD x5s on a GPU.

I wounder if that means at some point a X4, X3 and X2 will all be bad/disabled hexa core CPUs.......