AMD XP 2800+Barton - - Can it be overclocked???


Dec 10, 2003
I am thinking about ocing my amd 2800 to 3200 speeds. Is it possible? Is it safe? Is it worth the overclock?


Dec 31, 2007
If your chip is multiplier locked, that limits what you can do with it. The XP3200+ has a 11X multiplier on a 200 MHz front side bus while your XP2800+ is set up with an 12.5X multiplier on a 166 MHz. FSB.

You should be able to easily put your FSB speed up to 175 MHz. which will give you the equivalent 2200 MHz. that an XP3200+ runs at, but it won't be quite as good performance as the 200 MHz. FSB of the real XP3200+

Should you? ...probably not! You won't notice much if any difference in performance, but you will see it if you benchmark the machine. Is it safe? Stability and heat are always issues with overclocking and you stand the chance of buggering up your software load if you try and push too far. But you won't burn anything up with that small of an overclock.

Should you do it? Absolutely (Heh... heh...) but only if you like playing with computers like most of us do!

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Some posts here have shown the xp2800+ good to 2.3 gigs. That is dependant on luck. If yours will do that at reasonable temps and voltages and still run prime95 for a day, go for it. Check out the ocers forum for tips.